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Enjoy a punching bag with PRO heavy bag gloves

Train with PRO boxing bag gloves specially designed for punching bags. Professionals use and recommend our products for more than 35 years. Training with different types of punching bags will improve different parts of your boxing skills.

Take some advise from your trainer in your gym or a professional before buying your gloves. Never use a fight glove with a punching bag, make sure the gloves are not too lose around your fingers or it will make you hand's skin scratched to inner side of gloves, not too tight that blocks you fingers and wrist movement and movement speed.

Shop online or visit any of our 4 branches around Los Angeles, try on different types of gloves we have. Check out the shape, padding, and comfort and choose from different products such as:

Product information

Pro boxing manufactures really well-padded heavy bag gloves that best protect your knuckles, inner side is nicely crafted and sewed without any extra parts that cause irritation to skin and has strong wraps around wrists.

Also available Cleto Reyes, Rival and more brands.

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Bag Gloves - Pro Boxing Glove
Bag Gloves

Cleto Reyes Bag Gloves Small

RB1 Ultra Bag gloves - Pro Boxing Wholesale
RB1 Ultra Bag gloves
(# RB1)

Evolution Bag Glove - Pro Boxing Wholesale
Evolution Bag Glove
(# RB11-Evolution)

Rival d30 Intelli-Shock Bag Gloves - Pro Fight Shop
Rival d30 Intelli-Shock Bag Gloves
(# RB10)

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