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CATEGORIES:  Grappling dummy and Punching dummy

No punching bag can replace a punching dummy or a grappling dummy

Pro boxing submission grappling dummy is one of the best training tools money can buy, and it is seen as the standard choice for those seeking the best training methods. The exceptional dummy was made based on the methods fighters use to train, and this creates a more realistic and effective training experience.

Our punching dummy is the shape of a human body. The days when you had to beat the crap out of your sparring partner to get that feeling are over, dummies now serve you the best. You can practice a lot of things with this grappling dummy, punching, finger jabs, kicking, chocking… It even has a groin area to practice with your knees. You can hit it with bare knuckles, or wear bag gloves, it´s up to you. Hit it with power punches, work on your precision or both.

If you feel like hitting a kickboxing dummy, or wooden dummy or even perhaps a bob punching dummy, Pro boxing offers variety of different punching dummies.

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WOODEN DUMMY PADDING - Pro Free Standing Bag
Wooden Dummy Padding
(# WDP)

Pro Grappling/Throwing Dummy - Pro Boxing Wholesale
PRO Grappling/Throwing Dummy
(# PGTD)

PRO Motion Master - Pro Boxing Glove
PRO Boxing Motion Master Dummy
(# PMM)

PRO Man Dummy -
PRO Man Dummy
(# PMD)

PRO Man  Dummy - Pro Heavy Bag
PRO Man Dummy
(# PMDC)

BOB DUMMY - Pro Boxing Equipment
BOB Dummy
(# BOB)

PRO Grappling Dummy - Child - Pro Heavy Bag
PRO Submission/Grappling Dummy - Child
(# PSD-Junior)

Pro Submission /Grappling Dummy - Punching Bag
PRO Submission Grappling Dummy

Wooden Wing Chun Dummy - Punching Bag
Wooden Wing Chun Dummy
(# WWCD)

Free Standing Wooden Dummy
(# FSWD)

Deluxe Wooden Dummy
(# DWD)

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