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CATEGORIES:  Kids Punching Bag

PRO boxing kids punching bags

Both hanging punching bag and freestanding punching bag are available in small sizes for children.

Training with the hanging bag is more fun for youth and more realistic to combat because the punching bag swings and spins, which helps with timing of hands and eyes coordination. The bag should not be too heavy for them, or it may harm their wrist and fingers, but it should still have the standards for a professional bag, so they can train best.

PRO kids freestanding punching bag is a great option for home use because you won't have to purchase any additional hardware like hanging chains or ceiling mounts. It is great if you have a limited space, you can store it easily in the corner of a room or closet.

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Pro Boxing 17lbs. Heavy Bag - Pro Free Standing Bag
PRO Boxing 17 lb punching bag
(# PBS-PB1)

30 lb Heavy Bag - Pro Free Standing Bag
PRO Boxing 25lb Punching Bag
(# PBS-PB2)

PRO Boxing Mini Bounce Bag
(# PBS-MBB1)

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