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Find the punching bag you need from Pro boxing

PRO boxing offers different types of Boxing bags, with different names based on their size, use and mounting method. Almost every bag is covered with leather, or synthetic materials such as vinyl that resist abrasion and mildew. Canvas is also used as a bag material where there is lower use and humidity.

PRO Speed Bag

Speed bag is a small, air-filled bag anchored at the top to a rebound platform parallel to the ground. A speed bag help a fighter improve hand-eye coordination and movement speed.

A swerve ball, floor to ceiling ball or Double End Bag is almost the same as a speed ball with the only difference that the bag size shape and material may be different and that the cable system is attached to the ceiling and a clip on the floor, when the boxer places any motion on the ball, it tightly reacts by swinging fast towards them, the object is to swerve, punch, dodge and learn about co-ordination. The harder and faster they are hit - the more they rebound and react in different motions of angles, thus giving greater practice to the fighter.

PRO heavy punching bag

A heavy bag is a larger, cylindrical bag, usually hanged by chains or ropes for practicing strong punches, and can be used to toughen hand wrists and arms, in other words a Heavy bag is for developing power.

PRO Free Standing Bag

A free standing bag also known as tower bag is heavy bags mounted on a weighted base. Also there are bouncing bags almost the same shape of free standing bags but it has a round shaped base that allows the bag to bounce with every punch.

PRO Uppercut Bag

The uppercut bag began to appear towards the beginning of the 21st century. With so many different variations of boxing bags and training equipment, the upper cut bag was and is still a common sight in clubs and gyms. Designed for upper cut practice, jabbing, curl punching and low quick burst of high and low punching practice. It allows the fighter to punch at different lengths, different speeds and different forces compared to the standard average 4 ft straight pu (polyurethane) punch bag.

PRO Grappling Dummy

A Body-shaped training aid or commonly known as a punching dummy, grappling dummy or wooden dummy, made primarily of synthetic materials, and punching bags are sometimes mounted on a weighted pedestal rather than hanging from above.

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