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CATEGORIES:  Speed Bags and Platforms

Speed up your moves with pro speed bag!

Speed bag is a small, air-filled bag anchored at the top to a rebound platform parallel to the ground. boxing speed bag helps a fighter learn to keep his hands up, improve hand-eye coordination and learn to shift weight between feet when punching. They are also known as speed ball or speed ball Bag. The speed bag platform also known as speed bag stand.

Beginners might view this bag more as a "control bag", for they will never go punch fast repetitively until they gain control over their swinging force and speed. A boxer normally hits the speed bag from the front with his fists, but it is also possible to use fists and elbows hitting the speed ball bag from all around the bag, including the front, back and sides. In this method the user may perform many diverse punching combinations that create improvised rhythmic accents.

The shape and size of speed bags are important because they will reflect differently to each punch based on it's size, Pro boxing offers variety of sizes and designs for speed bag and speed bag platform.

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SPEED BAG BLADDER - Pro Free Standing Bag
Speed Bag Bladder
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PRO Speed Bag - Leather - Punching Bag
PRO BOXING® Leather Speed Bag
(# PLSB)

PRO BOXING® Leather Speed Bag -
PRO BOXING® Leather Speed Bag
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PRO Boxing ® mini speed bag - Punching Bag
PRO BOXING® mini speed bag

Cleto Reyes Speed Bag - Pro Boxing Equipment
Cleto Reyes Speed Bag

Pro Boxing Non-Ajustable Speed Bag Platform - Pro Boxing Shop
PRO Boxing Non-Ajustable Speed Bag Platform

Speed Bag Platform - Pro Boxing Wholesale
PRO Boxing Non-Adjustable Speed Bag Platform
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