Pro Boxing® Glove Dogs - Deodorizer for Gloves

Pro Boxing® Glove Dogs - Deodorizer for Gloves

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The Pro Boxing® Glove Dogs are a unique and extremely effective dryer and deodorizer to keep your boxing gloves fresh and ready to roll for your next round.

It includes a cotton flannel outer shell featuring red cedar chips used to absorb moisture and oil from the inside of your glove.

No matter how intense and grueling things get, you can make sure your gloves stay fresh and last longer with the Pro Boxing® Glove Dogs.

  • Boxing glove dryer and deodorizer used to keep gloves fresh
  • Absorbs moisture and oil from your glove interior
  • Helps make your gloves last longer for greater quality
  • Includes cotton flannel outer shell with red cedar chips
  • Leaves your gloves smelling fresh and wearing like new