Pro Boxing® Series Deluxe Starter Velcro Boxing Gloves - Camouflage

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The Proboxing starter boxing gloves are designed with new super tough and rugged triple-ply material which delivers you round after grueling round of performance at an unbelievable price.
The Multi-layer inner foam padding of the boxing gloves offer superb hand protection for sparring, heavy bag, double end bag, and punch mitt training.
Extra wide hook-and-loop wrist closure keeps boxing gloves snug and firm on your hands; plus, it makes taking them on and off a breeze!
If you are just starting to get into boxing or just want affordable gloves to get your hustle going, the Proboxing starter gloves are the ideal boxing gloves for you. Affordable and good quality.


  • Super tough and rugged triple-ply material
  • Multi-layer inner foam padding
  • Extra wide hook-and-loop wrist closure


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