Pro Boxing® Tombstone Shield

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Used for all kinds of kicks, punches, hooks, and much much more. The Tombstone Shield is popular for multiple martial arts. Made of Rip-Stop vinyl the Tombstone is durable, easy to clean, and built to last.

Multi-angled striking surface enables unique punch-kick combinations. Lighter in weight and more durable than before to withstand any martial arts training. Has a solid feel, with 6 strategically placed handles that allow for multiple strike angles and safety. With newly formulated padding to absorb as much speed and power as you can master throwing punches and kicks, the Tombstone Shield remains the ultimate training pad for fighting and fitness instruction.


  • Multi-angled striking surface enables unique punch-kick combinations
  • 6 strategically placed handles for versatility
  • Specially formulated stuffing absorbs forceful kicks and punches
  • Made in USA



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